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My work


"This (result) would not have happened without your incredible spirit, powerful listening, courage to ask us to think differently, and persistence! Thank you for giving us an inspiring and values-rooted start."


-- Jane Ward, Grants Director, Meyer Foundation

I work with grantmakers and other philanthropic organizations that care about intentional and thoughtful practice aligned with values, supported by culture, and driving strategy.


Whether I’m working with an individual funder or an initiative to improve practices across the philanthropic sector, my focus is on…


  • Clarifying organizational values and explicitly translating them into practices and behaviors

  • Strengthening organizational practices and processes to be most sensible, most equitable, and most focused on what matters

  • Creating feedback loops that allow real-time learning and changes 

  • Building and sharing knowledge across the field

  • Supporting organizations to be vibrant, joyful, and equitable places to work


My Approach


  • Authentic: I’m an experienced facilitator of diverse groups of humans. My facilitation is characterized by careful preparation, intentional design, co-creation, and a warm and dynamic presence.

  • Co-creative: I work collaboratively with you to generate and test ideas at every step. This approach generates strong solutions and secures lasting buy-in from the folks responsible for making change happen.

  • Thoughtful: I bring a deep knowledge of the philanthropic and nonprofit sectors, a background in organization development and group dynamics, and a commitment to holding space for the conversations you need to have.

  • Joyful: I love organizations in all their messy complexity, am grateful for the opportunity to work for a more just world, and bring a positive and joyful spirit to my work.




Jessica brings a mix of knowledge, insight, curiosity, and consideration to all of her work and interactions. Her deep expertise and experience in organizational development, meeting facilitation, conflict resolution, and philanthropy has allowed us to effectively partner with her through both highly specialized and more general engagements. We so appreciate the high degree of competence, timeliness, and good humor she brings to her work and ours!

-- Hanh Le, Executive Director, Weissberg Foundation

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