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Projects & Publications

Promising Practices R&D


I research, write, and advocate for sector-wide initiatives to understand current philanthropic practice and identify promising approaches to better grantmaking.

Organization Development


I work with individual funders to strengthen and align culture and practice and redesign grantmaking processes to be most equitable, meaningful, and effective. 

Learning communities


I develop and coordinate long-term communities of practice – networks in which participants learn from each other and build knowledge for the field.

Retreats and Workshops


I design and facilitate large-scale immersive knowledge building and sharing convenings, intimate planning and group process retreats, and other opportunities to get together and make progress.


Other publications:

Revisit Reporting (co-researcher, co-author, co-editor)

Dynamics of Hosting Giving Circles and Collective Giving Groups, as part of the Collective Giving Research Group

The Landscape of Giving Circles/Collective Giving in the United States, as part of the Collective Giving Research Group

The Source Codes of Foundation Culture (editor) and Our Culture: A Discussion Starter


Successful Structures: Rethinking the Role of Grants Management


Drowning in Paperwork, Distracted by purpose




Project Streamline: Practices that Matter



Falling into Philanthropy, Wandering into Learning




Project Streamline Blog:




Assessing the How of Grantmaking: Basic Questions and Critical Indicators. 




Building Community Capacity for Participation in Evaluation.




"Funding Collaboratives" in New Frontiers of Philanthropy  




Moving Diversity up the Agenda. Lessons and Next Steps from the Diversity in Philanthropy Project.




Effective Collaborations: Recommendations For a Connected Philanthropic Infrastructure




Benchmarking 2010: Trends in Education Philanthropy




Building Diverse and Inclusive Foundations – Lessons from Michigan.




Giving Together: A National Scan of Giving Circles and Shared Giving




More Giving Together: The Growth and Impact of Giving Circles and Shared Giving




The Impact of Giving Together.




Hosting a Giving Circle: The Benefits and Challenges of Giving Together








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