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Looking for a good read or a moment of procrastination?  Look no further!


  • Trust Based Philanthropy:  a growing community of funders committed to centering equity, humility, and transparency in their grantmaking practices. Trust Based philanthropy recognizes and mitigates power imbalances and seeks to develop authentic, meaningful relationships. 

  • Power Moves: I was proud to be part of this effort created by the National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy. Power Moves provides a roadmap for how funders can build, share, and wield power. 


  • Fund the People: This project is pushing to get funders to invest in nonprofit professionals – not just programs!


  • Next Draft: This brilliantly curated newsletter is always good for a study break – all the news (both profound and profoundly silly) in one daily dose. 

  • The Invisible Gorilla: Do you think you have an open mind?  We see what we’re looking for… and this is a great demonstration.


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